Heather Mirto

Heather Mirto, the entrepreneurial force behind Miss Heather’s School of Dance, brings over 40 years of both amateur and professional dance experience.  She began a major part of her career right here in Delaware. Heather’s accomplishments include coaching and touring with cheerleading and dance teams in various states including Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Maryland, Nevada, Florida and Texas, performing at the at the half time show at the 1996 Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas and was a part of a benefit show for the New York City firefighters and police officers after 9/11.  Heather’s professional achievements include a two-year career as choreographer and dance team member with the Philadelphia Kixx Soccer Team and the Atlantic City Seagull’s Basketball Team (members of the USBL).  She also worked with the Special Needs Program at Delcastle High School for four years. Heather has won numerous dance awards, but has an outstanding background in choreography as well. She has done shows for the Everett Theatre and Poly Tech High School. She has been the drama director at Louis L. Redding Middle School and before that choreographed for them. 

Miss Heather’s School of Dance had another remarkable season. The studio, in its eighteenth year, has enjoyed seventeen very successful recitals as the talented students and outstanding teachers performed in A Broadway ReviewGreaseTelevision TunesMary PoppinsMovie Marathon  ShrekMiss Heather’s School of Dance Has Talent, The Wizard of OzDancing Down the Road of Rock and Roll, Footloose, Dancing Through the Decades, Lion King, Dancin with the Jacksons, Beauty and the Beast, and The Legends, The Hair Bands and Real MTV, Aladdin and Peter Pan.  In addition, the studio has won numerous awards in regional competitions and national competitions. Miss Heather is very proud of her students and the fact of celebrating 18 years is even more amazing!  As Miss Heather’s offers something for everyone.

Heather enjoys spending time with her two children, Tony and Angelina. Tony just graduated from Middletown High School and will be attending Delaware State University this fall. Lina is a senior at Middletown High School. They keep her very busy with their activities.  Lina plays ice hockey in West Chester, PA and travels from Maryland to Canada regularly. Tony keeps her busy with his marching band competitions, football games, indoor color guard competitions and FFA activities. Heather is a high school special education teacher at Appo High School.  Heather is certified in tap, ballet, tumbling and jazz through Dance Masters of America.  She also completed the certified and accredited Broadway Dance Center Teacher Workshop in New York City, as well as, Dance Teacher Magazines Teacher Workshop.  Miss Heather has attended the Dance Teacher Magazine’s Dance Teacher workshop in NYC for several summers now and also continues to take dance class at Broadway Dance Center in New York City to continue her dance education.

With her extensive background and vast accomplishments, Heather’s first love has always been teaching.  She inspires her students and motivates her staff to be passionate.